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Who is Dede Korkut, Dede Korkut When is lived, Dede Korkut Information about, how it is a short biography?

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Who is Dede Korkut , Dede Korkut When is lived , Dede Korkut Information about , how it is a short biography ?

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Dede Korkut’un İngilizce Biyoğrafisi Nasıldır?

Grandparents that scare IX. and XI. century is believed to live . Sages and scholars is a person . Dede Korkut lived in the area all their problems ‘ they’re asking preposterous . Is believed to be a miracle worker . Offer is said to foretell the future .

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Turkish epics of Dede Korkut great sage on the personality of our knowledge is inadequate. Scare -Ata , also known under the name of Dede Korkut , according to rumors from the neck of Oguz Bayat, Professor Black is the boy .

His IX . and XI. centuries of Turkestan Sir -Darya river Aral Sea poured into the place where he was born in Ürgeç grandfather named a son that Oghuz Turks from the great respect that , in these regions, decision -long dede korkutTurkish rights AnlArInA mentoring and advising that the epic is understood .

Dede Korkut among the Turks , word of mouth, from language to language circulating in the nature of epic stories XV. century during the reign of the Akkoyunlus collected in a book under the name of the book , so the promise was redacted . Epic compiler, in the foreword of the book gives the following information about and from his mouth are located in the following advices :

(Bayat appeared a call from the neck Korkut Ata . 0 people , Oguz was full of visionaries . What course would be . Foretold would tell any news …)

( Oguz Korkut Ata would take care of His people every predicament . Would work although they would not have refused to apply to Korkut Ata . Although they would accept in the emrets . Promise they would grasp the right …)

( said : flaky snow rains in the summer not only fleece green grass autumn remains. earlier cotton cloth, not the previous enemies do not make friends . Karan coach throws kıymayın way is not taken , black steel core sword playback as adversaries do not return , Maline kıymayın by the name of the predicament . Girl , seeing as it does not take advice from mother , father , seeing as the table does not attract boys . son becomes the father instead of the one which are produced , is one of the two eyes . States is defending his sons furnace though …)

(one more said : hard walking breed ancestor low stalwarts can not ride , binince binmes better. caliper cuts self sword suckers rang not stolen the better … Play who knows stalwarts to , ok’l sword a rod better . Guests are not black households yıkıls more the horse’s eating well … the pain spread of run better. Human leakage of drinking water better than the pain …)

There are twelve in the book of Dede Korkut epic . This epic , as it is the most beautiful examples of Turkish language , Turkish soul , the most obvious are documents that shed light on Turkey thoughts .

Dede Korkut , Oguz Turks , their beliefs , their way of life , the main and customs, their bravery , strong character and morals , the vastness of the soul , pure, bee – stops with a Turkish refers . Epic in an earlier poem , the agile rhythm played lute , has the feel of burns .

Turkish explaining to people the true beingness . Korkut Ata way the knob intricacies of religion and the virtues of peace and unity of the virtues has been described.

Information and scholars from which a grandfather as much personality emerges . Lived in a different time and different place in the saga of similar personalities think it would be collected under one name from the grassroots Although these personalities of people who have told their stories in the works destanıms

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