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Summary of the book How Wide is firarperest

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Summary of the book How Wide is firarperest, firarperest Who is the author of the book?

Firarperest of Books Author: Elif Shafak

Book Summary We continue to see the famous columnist Elif Shafak ‘s well-known book, firarperest brief summary of the book you want to give to.

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Book Summary of firarperest

And delightful, sometimes provocative, sometimes soothing, but always in the divine essence of the human spirit free ones are obliged to explore. To explore ourselves, love to explore, to discover the world, to discover other people on the road should be

Just to be nailed to the floor to remain just iron horse you put the chain to break and new places to discover, know and you’ve never seen country, reaching ever tasting the food that you eat, you’ve never heard and never understanding the words of the songs you with being drunk, risks, getting to disperse and distribute disintegrate and hunger buram buram , homesickness to taste and see yourself through the eyes of foreigners, to wonder, to be surprised, or look at the world through the eyes of a child, the world’s diversity, diversity, beauty, cruelty to see

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Firarperest Kitabının Özeti

Firarperest Kitabının Özeti

The man and woman, married for many years. Do they love each other, it’s not entirely clear. But it is not like it used to. Overcome before more passion and love was more starved m deep di? Behold what a wire of Valentine’s poems were written zülfü behold. See you again, how much was sevimdir people.

It was a part of life and sense of seeing and touching love was. Do formerly was significantly more letters? A letter was enough for months of separation and silence. One was an oath cuff to reduce distances between them. Now nothing is not the same anymore. Nowadays the word generously, the feeling was meant people always are in a tizzy. He stood up amid the bustle of one of the emotions no longer have the time to devote.

Adam improved considerably in the profession, women were the children grew up. Now that you have an unusual excitement, nor a new trial. They can not tolerate each other is also very time. Under the same roof, they have established two separate worlds. It was happening once said, “I walked away,” says the man inside. ‘I begin again to life, freshen up, if yenilense. Than forty, there are those who embark on a new life after fifty. I’m not too late yet. What is all this time my wife and my children to hurt each time I got to the bottom, now grown children, my wife biological advantage of being self-sufficient Moreover, men are t.

A woman can not be the mother after the age of sixty, but a man of sixty, seventy years is be a father. Women, children, grandchildren can stay connected. Every time a man is independent. I could go if I wanted to go today, but maybe one day.


Sometimes I go pull the woman inside, I start again to life, refresh and renew if moved. Life only begins after forty. But after that age women are maturing, are finding their personality. All this time, neither my husband nor my children got to break all from the bottom. Now kids are grown, my husband is no longer self-sufficient. Both have the advantage of being a woman a lot, too.

Men can not remain alone for some reason, are scared of loneliness. Behold, as boys are afraid of the dark. However, women can live alone. Single as well as independently. We resistant reservations exclude women than men go, but where

What men could go, nor female. Everyone wondered whether the secret of their marriage they were asking.

All these years, the secret of a happy marriage execution “mutual love and respect,” they say di smiling. Days were chasing days. Always the same routine life.


But where to go? But why go? No response. In fact, even though it is not as important as the final destination, because the original ones go, the thing that was to go

You’ll come out on the road, and so far you can go to. To explore ourselves, love to explore, to discover the world, to explore the other.

Without gravel and always the same moods, already finished, but continued to pretend to marriage, people should renew itself, new relationships, and new timeshare should not even human. Must be born again. And maybe next year you can go on vacation alone, without her husband and children. Not to dislike her family alone, and that self-extracts to find himself.

Should be left alone and his own chat with. Inner solitude is a treasure. Sending gravel due to the sheer habit of smoking iron horse should move away from what you put. I should get away, sightseeing the country should know and what you eat no food should taste like a child, to rediscover the world. .

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