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How wide is the Summary of The Book of Love , Who is the author of The Book of Love ?

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How wide is the Summary of The Book of Love , Who is the author of The Book of Love ?

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Author of The Book of Love Elif Shafak

Book Summary We continue to see . Or you’re in the middle in the center of love , or dışındasındıraşk Wide Summary of the book for you

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Ella least have stayed to finish their forties , married with three children and is an American lady . Marriage for her habitual and katalanıl is an institution of which must be kutsu . Since a long time to ignore the problems with her ​​husband, children seized in the course of this stream of thinking and all the problems is acting like you can not not matter . If you are experiencing serious problems of Evililig himself believe that these issues should be seen as if it is a character . My wife is cheating on him , but Ella is to ignore these events . He makes himself more children’s care, home affairs , grand-daughter of the sudden emergence of marriage with dreams of fighting is dedicated to the older girl suddenly emerged marriage with dreams of family life routines , lost in his own self and the hearts of the requests you have forgotten state.

From this stage, Love Shariah named Zahara’s written other novels in kitapa novel begins to emerge as a cerate named Zahara’s novel Love Ella starts reading and evaluation .
Shams Tabrizi ‘ right getting around but did not know the name and address of a voice inside you say is of a Gönüldaş . Other places and wandering in Baghdad stood for a while . To find Gönüldaş a imtaih ordeal alive and as long as that is aware of the need . Remove the long journey by listening to the voice within . Konya became aware of Gönüldaş nears . Take a sermon that I find on Mevlana and understand that he was looking for was Gönüldaş . Maulana Shams pending , or Rumi, Shams looking for is no longer attained . The two friends to chat with each other all the time , chatted began to spend her anymore. This friendship was very progressed after a period of two boys in his family and his disciples Maulana began to lay-offs and neglect . Mevlana’s relatives, his disciples , and in particular grudge boy is too Şemsa did Alladin .
Read novels in the history of Roman History Ella contemplating read , Zahara and to establish contact with others through e-mail and in the imagination of this writer began to love . Zahara from wherever he went often to replace himself , his thoughts and ways toured places where information is related to Ella . Ella’s life come from Zahara Zahara mails endeskl backed each one has been waiting with bated breath for the next mail . Meanwhile, the previous habits began to change . Children and her husband as the former home of indifference starts.
Maulana Rumi and Shams friendship AnIndAkiler vorticity is thoroughly unsettled . Chemistry has been in love with a woman named Shams . This woman was saved from an earlier Shams brothel whore. Chemistry of Mevlana dervish lodge adopted the right path but turned against Shams paw is caught up in an earthly love . Shams , chemistry is aware of earthly love . But Shams , Kimyad see it as an indication that this love ” with consciousness would start with a love of everything ” Chemistry of divine love , which must be present to enter is seen as a suitor with signs . Rumi’s Allattin boy has been madly in love with the chemistry . But Şemsa of Chemistry , Chemistry of Alaad of the love is unrequited . Shams , to ignore the rules and the rules , in order that care , religious or reckless disregard of the rules of sherry mad is a full portrait Dervis view . Mystic Rumi and Shams of love that show close of Shams was interrupted because of the jealousy and reaction . Shams suddenly gone one day and kaybolmuştur.ask – book – summary
Zahara’s mail with Ella Ella also used through the life of their relationship is moving towards disaster . Ella was separated from his wife . Ella correspondence began meeting with Zahara . Previously attached to the house of the family, because they want to get out , his life and his whole life to the family who dedicated all the tasarıla and programs their case a woman while Ella’s habit of suddenly changed , from the family to break out to get something to believe it is not . Ella spiritual and physical changes , which do not afford the courage of things , everyone is stunned . Ella’s life changing book in his hand and zoom to tell about their love for each other was being .ask-kitabının-özeti
Mevlana very sorry about the departure of Shemini entered into grief . Opinions from those who are not around no one has been talking with . The cause of the grief of his father Sultan Ould knows little boy starts searching for Shams . Shams in Konya finally makes finding again . Alladin glad you did not go the Shams , Shemini grief begins to hear from you arrive . Chemistry heard about the hope that love again with water drops. Canine troops were now engaged in the novel . Shams to kill and murder in respect of the money received , although professional shows Shams hesitate to kill . Did this criminal Pointing out that the person holding the Alladin awakened doubts . Cani had this murder attempt a few times , but each time it could not succeed .
Zahara has started negotiations with Ella . Zahara with Ella decides to matrimony . Ella Ella occur around him this enormous change can not be given to any man , it does not impose any decision regarding the cause .
Shams , a blinciyel time of death that came out for the night , dared to kill the killer that lurk Shams awaits . And by the time they are very easy for him to kill his action is very ordinary . However Shams kill him is very hard to come by . Feel the presence of the killer had driven him to the ho speaks to the darkness . Killer finally dared kill Shams .
Ella finally meet up with Zahara . Zahara becomes a reality in Gayip loitering . The book brings together two lovers Love Sharia comes to an end as a result destiny has prepared them very interesting and very sad …. Zahara was seriously ill ….
Shams mage is damaging , that Rumi bad influence their telling me that both themselves and a hired killer trick Shams kill thinking Shams killed those Shams kill the time they Rumi’s old Rumi be waiting for the wrong they will be . Maulana remain unchanged and its ‘quiet ‘ gives its name .

However, a critical period of his life as he picks up this book , I was waiting to shake the deeply Ella , earthly love challenging and dangerous journey to discover the account will be opened the door to exit .

Stones flying the example of our lives stagnant lakes , we have to face hardship , suffering, and love … we are forced to fold after challenging roads, the price we pay for …

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