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How wide is the Summary of the book Les Miserables

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How wide is the Summary of the book Les Miserables, Les Miserables Who is the author of the book?

Author of the book Les Miserables: Victor Hugo

Book Summary We continue to the famous writer Victor Hugo ‘s well-known book, Les Miserables brief summary of the book you want to give to.

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Book Summary of Les Miserables

A galley slave ten nine years where he spends the day before returning to to permanent escape and fled the drawn misery, the sufferings and 1800 in the years of the French people in the poverty and living pain are described.

Jan Valjean is a very poor peasants, stealing to feed his family because only one loaf of bread was sentenced to paddle. If repeatedly attempted to escape a penalty that is folded. After 19 years imprisoned or have been evacuated. After his release he was just being nice to him bishop of Digne. The bishop has asked you to lie to save himself, correspondingly has gifted him with two silver candlesticks. This event was very surprised Valjean, and is separated from the town of Digne.

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Miserably in town where the favors were a turning point in his life. Eight years have passed, conditional discharge Valjean had acted contrary to the requirement, and therefore the name has changed. If the new name of Monsieur Madeleine made​​. The bishop receives from selling silver dinner set has purchased a factory. Increasing the production of the factory has become a very rich person. We also help the environment with his goodness and won the respect and affection of everyone and has been mayor.


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Besides, one of the workers has an illegitimate child of Fantine. Other workers have learned that women want her dismissal time. Fanta illegitimate to reject the recommendations by the foreman is fired from his job. Girls desperate to get into drug Fantine sells her hair on the neck medallion and very desperate to sell itself in the joins between prostitutes.

One day a customer fight with Fantine and Javert is about to be taken by the prison “of the Mayor” come out, Fantine’s like to be taken to the hospital instead of prison. The Mayor then a man pinned under an overturned car has saved. This is a magnificent Javert who has been in power for years and that the pursuit of Jean Valjean 24,601 number is reminiscent of a galley slave. However, it has been reported that, Jean Valjean captured again. Another innocent people to jail instead he learned how to enter go to the court Valjean confesses that he is doomed numbered 24,601. Staggered before this situation advantage of a gap there in the courtroom escapes and returns to town. Visiting the dying Fantine in the hospital with her ​​daughter to find him, look, promised to give

Cossettini Fantine’s little girl has found the location of the call. Five years operating Thenardier Cossette also remains an inn. Cosette, Thenardier and show all the dirty work and are issues with using as a maid. Valjean finds Cosette was Cossettini water. Thenardier paid for the release, and took him to Paris Cossettini

There is great unrest in the city. Upon the death of General Lamarque outbreak of the revolution they were preparing to make sure that. Enjolras are driven by demand, they took to the streets to support the uprising. Valjean daughter changed very quickly realized that relates to her past and refuses to tell you something random. Cosette and Marius can not come together again are divided in despair at the thought.

Students Valjean prays for the salvation of Marius. Descending Gavroche for ammo left and right in hopes of finding something that was shot koştururk. Valjean, who was not unconscious Marius flee together to channels.

Valjean, Marius confesses the truth about history and Cosette’l after the unification of Marius and guarantee the sanctity of marriage in terms of itself would be better to say go away.

Valjean is the last time the satisfaction of seeing his beloved with Cossettini Fantine, Eponine, and all the souls who died on the barricades to meet with his eyes to the endless journey of life by allowing to exit from this world is divided.

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