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How wide is the Summary of Green Cherry Books ?, Who is the author?

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 Book Summary of How Wide is green Cherry, Green Cherry Who is the author of the book?

Green Cherry is the author of the book: Gülten Dayıoğlu

Book Summary We continue to give their famous writer Gülten Dayıoğlu ‘s well-known book, The Green Cherries brief summary of the book you want to give to.

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Yeşil Kiraz Kitabının Geniş Özeti Nasıldır?, Yazarı Kimdir?

Yeşil Kiraz Kitabının Geniş Özeti Nasıldır?, Yazarı Kimdir?

 , Who is the author? Cherry, a young girl and the eye is always on high. Take their own lives and the lifestyle of the family is like.   Drag her miserable life is lived on lies. Cherry and her family migrate from the village to the city. Owner may seek to work in the city slums. Cherry’s father began working as a doorman in an apartment. Are sitting on the ground floor of the apartment immediately. Cherry never liked the way that life is lived.Mother and father are embarrassed of wearing shabby clothes. Cherry began to go to school and the teachers and friends at school and that his father’s concierge can say that they live in an apartment. Several lies are invented. Cherry began working at the hairdressers during the summer holidays. Giving all that money to get home to his mother are hoarded. Cherry is now grown and has become a beautiful young girl. Getting mother and father have to print. Cherry is not very happy with this situation. At school he meets a new girl named lily of the valley and become a very close friend. Lily of the valley lily of the valley with the family is very rich, but can not so much interested. Therefore, the lily of the valley as a girl is growing very free.

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There are no men in cherry arkdaşlar but there are many male friends of lily of the valley.   Someday a hotel’s pool with lily expenses there they meet two men named Mustafa and free. Cherry is a bit distant, but after a while you have been in love free. it would be very nice start for a draw, but then the lies told about free onunaile and understand their own and are the beginning of a beautiful friendship. And always cherry ‘if I cater a green cherry.Cherry says revealed the lies and now you’re a rotten cherry cherry are rotten! Begin to say.

These words are too heavy to go to the cherry, and cherry are separated from friends.Within a period of one year hiatus with cherries free passes and have never met. But one day they meet and free way to convince him to ride in the car. Has revenge on his mind than cherries. And with cherry and thus take revenge on him think that.

However cherries thinking that it has adopted such’re even know. Have been together for a while but then got pregnant and cherry.

Because it will have no idea of ​​free pregnancy has cherry baby care. Cherry also took a lesson from this incident now, lies nowhere varılamı have learned that if it’s too late.


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