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How to Book Summary of Salkimli house is purple?

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 How to Book Summary of Salkimli house is purple?

How to Book Summary of Salkimli house is purple, purple Salkimli Home Who is the author of the book?

Purple Salkimli House of Books Author: Halide Edip Adıvar


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Purple Book Summary of Salkimli Home

Purple Salkimli house story takes place in the years 1918. Our writer Halide Edip Adıvar ‘s childhood where the mother and father’s marriage and after separation, it describes the story of going to Egypt. Cemal Pasha’s going to call on the Lebanese and Saudi Arabia, there is a book describing the joining of the National Struggle Purple Salkimli Home
Place in the life of a little girl who would never forget Besiktas’ s born on a street in households where our story begins. Clusters of purple flowers in the garden of the house which never erased from the memory of the little girl’s remains.

   “The house that sits in Uskudar

These households after moving to spend the summer with his family and his father begin with. Nigam has been named a brother more. Nigar father gave it to the age of the American College of amplifying.
Households from the Şükrü Efendi named master teacher of Islam and learn Arabic. Meanwhile, begin to pray and Piano lessons are. A British woman teacher training also helps to households settled down. Doctors said Riza Tevfik everyone from philosophers also learns French literature. Doctor Reza has taught Arabic and Persian.

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“Second Time College Life”
Our hero this time as boarding began college. In the cultural development of the school library has been very effective. In particular, research related to various religions has been spreading more knowledge. Literature and intellectual issues were self-taught. If Salih Zeki Bey in 1900 began to take math courses. Salih Zeki Bey, the representative of both mathematics and philosophical positivism of A. Comte learn. Riza Tevfik teacher and mystic philosophy Focusing on Spencer Salih Zeki will not accept anything other than science. It’s a new look in ten new worldview has opened up new horizons. Saleh has made a proposal to matrimony teacher that year he was accepted ..

Mor Salkımlı Ev

Mor Salkımlı Ev

“Marriage Life”

Sultantepesi father sitting there in the house begin to give them an apartment. Salih Zeki Kamus-u Riyaziyat View works great riyaziyeci and tackles the life of the philosopher. Halide has helped him as an assistant. In 1903, 16 months after her first boy Ayatollah Hikmetullah second son was born intelligent.

“You’re the Constitutional Announced
Constitutional Monarchy in 1908 when he learned that the announcement could not sleep until morning to.
Text is entering the world during these years. Tanin headed by Tevfik Fikret began to write articles in newspapers anymore. One day I received an anonymous letter, and the letter T will be killed if they continue to write in the newspapers are tehtidinialnış. But he continues to write aldırmayıp these threats.

“On the morning of March 31 and were awakened by gunfire”
Make a list of things people have been killed and reactionaries list also wrote her name. Tanin printing printed and distributed everywhere. The pieces of paper were written between .. Shredded paper “Kösem Sultan” offline games are also available. His father is an ordinary member of Union and Progress. But Unionists were attacked in the household. Nigam and his brother’s children ‘have also escaped and took refuge in the American College. They stayed here for four days. Harem of fundamentalism in the middle of 1909 with her two children flee to Egypt.

View Ismailia ferry ride from Egypt to London with her two children pass ..

“Emerging Between 1909 and 1912, and last years ‘Events’, the
Return from England to Istanbul in October. Children are sick and turn yellow and withered. Very bloody and terrible revolution bozmuştur.talip their nerves better than good that the novel was written in child’s illness during the sleepless nights, Halide Edip. That year, the Girls School Teachers (School of Teaching A), and began teaching regular classes at school enters. Education and training of the author of a book after him. In 1910, Salih Zeki Bey’s separated. Thus, the marriage is over nine years now. For very long periods of time behind a disease starts. Meanwhile, the Balkan War began. Ziya Gokalp in those days often come to visit. But her because of differences of opinion in the field of nationalism after 1915 ends in friendship.

“Towards the Balkan War”
In August 1912, Turkey was defeated in battle by entering the Balkan War. Of Turks and Muslims in Macedonia three thousand people were killed. She woman Defender Association (“Teal-i Nisvan Society”) works as a nurse to help and. This is the first women’s association, the committee by intellectuals who were women. In addition, thirty beds with a small health facility was also used.

Here are only wounded soldiers. Çalışır.balk here from morning until evening the dispute between the states themselves who benefit from the power of the Turkish Armed Adrianople taking back the Balkan War of 1913 is finished.

In the year 1913-15, the Unionists lose their constructive activities in the country. In those days, the Hound of Union and Progress Master of Islam, is the largest and foundation schools began to make serious reforms. He brought it to the general inspector of schools. This is her people and provides an opportunity to see various places. Kasımpaşa, where Sinekli around the grocery store is one of the most.

“Between the year 1914-1916″
This year, the biggest event for the whole world of the First World War started.

The second part

“Syria and the Arab Lands”

Lebanon and the Arab countries to recognize the Cemal Pasha has been through. I was diagnosed in the first year of Union and Progress. Cemal Pasha, Damascus, Beirut and Lebanon to prepare a project you want to open schools. He read through this project could draw after seeing söyler.v they toured together. Offers in Beirut, Lebanon, and teacher training colleges should be opened in Damascus, Arabic, Turkish, French should be taught. Its always wants done.

“Turkey’s fire exam”

Purple Salkimli Households ‘s memories of the Turkish fire continue Exam’ is. The values ​​given in this book because its “National Struggle” contains memories. On 19 March 1920, together with her ​​husband Adnan Adıvar’l pass to Anatolia to join the War of Independence. Halide Edip, the General Staff Headquarters of the article and start making tercümenlik. It opened in Istanbul Turkey United Nations Assembly and the government has given the death sentence in a fatwa Halide Edip ‘There is also the name. The events during the War of Independence, various stages, in the absence of Ankara’s frustrations and fights with friends squirm when the husband and describes how to live together sweet and bitter days.

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