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Cinderella ( Cinderella ) Brief Summary of Tables How is Cinderella ( Cinderella ) Who is the author of Tales

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Kül Kedisi (Sindirella) Masalının İngilizce Kısa Özeti Nasıldır?

Cinderella ( Cinderella ) Brief Summary of Tables How is Cinderella ( Cinderella ) Who is the author of Tales ?
Cinderella ‘s Fairy Tales Author: Charles Perrault
Cinderella ( Cinderella ) Brief Summary of Tables
In one of the beautiful old time there was a girl . I have this beautiful girl’s name Cinderella . Cinderella ‘s father again when his mother died of marriage has . His stepmother also come together with two daughters from his first marriage and settled in households . Stepmother and two daughters , all of her sisters did not like new . What’s in the room or have thrown in the attic . Treat him like a brother , let alone work on all households taken down. Even after the household chores girl did not permissible to sit with them . Cold nights , in the kitchen , alone or in front of the dying hearth and cold holding hands while trying to warm up if the right to ashes . That’s why her half-sister ” Cinderella” in the name takmışl . One of the country to marry the son of the king in the palace organized in plenty . He has been invited to Bolam all the girls in town . Two sisters, an invitation to a ball in the palace came to be . Both are mad with excitement . Everyone knew that the prince wanted to matrimony . ‘ You see one of us chooses , be certain? ‘ He had considered. The two sisters have also rolled up their sleeves to beautify themselves immediately . But unfortunately it was a bit difficult , because unlike Cinderella both have pretty ugly ! Prom night, after going to her sisters Cinderella sitting in the kitchen and started to cry for POIs . “What’s wrong , why are you crying, Cinderella ?” He asked the fairy . ” I wanted to go to prom , ” said the sobbing Cinderella. ” You’re going then,” said the beautiful fairy . Cinderella looked back toward his voice was transfixed with surprise . A beautiful fairy was standing right next to you . “I ‘m your fairy godmother , ” said the woman . ” Now we have no time to lose ! Now bring me a pumpkin ! ” Cinderella brought a pumpkin . Touched with magic wand fairy godmother , a pumpkin carriage suddenly behold the bottom . ” Now, six mice … ” Cinderella brings back six mice was appointed fairy godmother has transformed them immediately . ” A rat … ” I have made a coachman .

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Kül Kedisi (Sindirella) Masalının Kısa Özeti

Kül Kedisi (Sindirella) Masalının Kısa Özeti

Cinderella ( Cinderella ) Brief Summary of Tables Cinderella ( Cinderella ) Brief Summary of Tables “And I wanted fairy six lizards … ” They will run behind the carriage immediately if çeviriv six butler . As well as have come to Cinderella . A fairy with a wand in his hand that touched Cinderella’s old torn, tattered and faded clothes have turned to the perfect garment to cut . At the foot of a pair of glass shoes shining though . ” But there is one thing alone , ” said the fairy . ” You should go to households until midnight . At twelve o’clock restoration of clothing , the pumpkin carriage , the horses will become mice . You do not want to see that Prince said. Now, go have fun as they wish . “He was the star of the night Cinderella balloon . Ladies who attended the prom (in particular two half-sisters ) and they really like her clothes tailor begged him to know the name of . Gentlemen have all competed with each other to dance with him . If the drive does not see the Prince fell in love with Cinderella ! And from that moment no one to dance with this girl was not allowed . Cinderella danced with Prince during the night . Hours progressed rapidly . Cinderella’s clock will strike twelve in full must be in households that came to his mind and quickly moved away from there . Then click ” Go ! ” He called Prince , but even stopping for a moment Cinderella ran away from there quickly . When street clothes again earlier era turned into clothes . He stayed in a beautiful and elegant clothes to stay back a glass of shoes have stayed single . That one does not know where the other loses . Cinderella cried himself to sleep that night . Whit a better life could be so wonderful was thinking that night . The only other shoes on the steps of the palace they found . House to house in the morning after the Prince began to look for the owner of the shoe . Observe all young girls have only one shoe . ” These shoes are beautiful one day I met the night before I can not live if I do not find the owner , ” he said. Then he came to Cinderella’s house . Her sisters have experienced footwear . Never . Foot did not even enter . Prince was very sad , because not only the few that have stayed home . Full house maid were to leave from there attracted the attention . ” Ma’am, ” said the Prince in Cinderella , ” an experience you see if you can ?” ” Does he will experience ? What’s the occasion ? ” Siblings have cried . But the prince insisted ash cat wanted to give it a try . Cinderella is a beautiful girl how did not escape the eye . Cinderella Cinderella’s foot footwear shoes assaying to behold . To marry the Prince in Cinderella knelt found . The beautiful Cinderella ( Cinderella ) married Prince to accept the offer . Have a very happy life in the palace .

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