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Book Summary of How Wide is the wild?

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Book Summary of How Wide is the Wild, Wild Who is the author of the book?

Of wild Books Author: Yakup Kadri Karaosmanoğlu

Book Summary We continue to give their famous writer Yakup Kadri Karaosmanoğlu ‘s well-known book of the Wild book for you would like to give a brief summary.

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Book Summary of wild-Wide


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As mentioned in the novel, have come from the city, all intellectuals, peasants a “wild” is. The author,

After the Battle of Sakarya destroying their enemies in their regions and their number of views they saw during the event, our author has written the story and stories.

Yaban Kitabının Geniş Özeti Nasıldır?

Yaban Kitabının Geniş Özeti Nasıldır?

Jalal Ahmed Pasha boy who serves in the Army Reserve officer. Participated in World War 1 and has lost one arm in the war. Yet the age of thirty-five newly minted. For thirty-five years old, it is felt that everything was over.


Istanbul can not go there because it is occupied by the British, who ordered Mehmet Ali obeying the call of his own village on the coast of Central Anatolia places Badger Creek. Jalal Ahmed for the villagers a “Wild” is.

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk launched the War of Independence, the independence of the Turkish nation tries to explain his case to the villagers, yet no one will believe her. However, the orderly, Mehmet Ali, mother Zeynep Women, Mehmet Ali Ismail’s brother and his wife Emine was able to make friends with. The village, which is the richest and network Saleh Aga, villagers are economically exploited. Under the guise of the village cleric Sheikh Yusuf inherently exploit them.

Representing the state of the mayor and the attribute is not any power. The village is active and strong to prevent two people and try to stop Jalal Ahmed. On the eve of the Battle of Sakarya Greek troops had entered the village. Greeks were killed resisting. He collaborated with the Greeks and Sheikh Yusuf Salih Aga even cheat, exploitation and oppression tend to everyone. The Greeks defeated at the battle of Sakarya, the second Greek troops came to the village as well. Shall plunder the village. Ceberrut behave in unimaginable degree.

Ahmet Jalal, orderly Mehmet Ali Ismail’s brother’s wife who falls in love with Eminem. Groaned under the boots of the enemy village, the villagers were also resigned. If ahmet Jalal, still await the hope of the future of Turkish soldiers

Finally one day she can not resist and escape with Emine. Both are injured while fleeing. Emine was seriously injured and is not in condition to run. Ahmet Jalal at Eminem and his memories alone, leaving the book in the direction of a future unknown unknown ways away and disappear.

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